Free business advice service

Businesses, both large and small, play a critical role in creating employment opportunities, stimulating investment and generating economic competitiveness within Wigan’s local economy.

That’s why our Invest in Wigan team offer a free and independent service to help you start, run or grow your business. It is available to any business located in, or looking to relocate to, the borough.

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Digital advisors

Our digital advisors can support your business to leverage the power of digital, empowering your workforce, developing digital skills and supporting your business to grow and cultivate a thriving local economy, ensuring that local digital skills in the business sector are developing.

Business investment advisors

To support the local economy the Invest in Wigan team offers a free and independent service to help start, run or grow a business. It's available to any business located in, or looking to relocate to, the borough or residents who wish to start their own business.

The team can arrange an appointment at a convenient location to identify and access relevant support and have links to external partner organisations and internal departments that can offer advice on:

Partnership working

Our Invest in Wigan team work closely with external organisations including:

The Growth Company

A community of specialists with a passion for helping businesses to realise their ambitions. The Growth Company support businesses at all stages of their growth journey, offering expert one-to-one and peer-to-peer business support, events, specialist programmes, funding and more.

Peoples Plus Enterprise

A leading skills and training business helping people to transform their lives and businesses through work, training, education and financial advice. They help people source and retain sustainable employment, whilst working with employers to develop work forces of the future - find out more about Peoples Plus Enterprise (external link).

Business funding

We offer funding opportunities to help businesses across the borough unlock their potential:

For those businesses unable to access our funding, introductions to Greater Manchester and regional finance opportunities are available, but these would be in the form of loans or investments and do not include grants.

Make an appointment

The Invest in Wigan team can arrange an appointment to discuss how we can support you at our offices in Wigan, at your business premises or at a location and time more suitable to you.


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