The Deal for Communities Investment Fund

Round 7 open NOW: September 2019 - February 2020

What is it?

Communities Investment Fund

The Deal for Communities Investment Fund (DFCIF) is an exciting opportunity for people to make a real difference and solve some of Wigan borough’s biggest social problems.

The funding forms part of  The Deal, which enables residents to get involved in their community.

Since its launch in 2013, we've supported community groups and projects working towards improving outcomes for local residents with £10m invested to date. This demonstrates how committed we are to supporting local communities.

Applications are now open!

Before applying, you must:

Pre-application support workshops

There are a number of FREE pre-application support workshops that we encourage you to attend before completing your application form.

Type of investmentDate and timeAddress Book 
Small investments 2nd October, 2pm - 3pm St Peters Pavilion, Hindley  Book now 
Small investments  14th October, 2pm - 3pm Worsley Hall Community Centre, Wigan Book now 
Small investments 1st November 2pm - 3pm The Turnpike, Leigh Book now
Big idea investments 2nd October, 4:30pm - 6pm St Peters Pavilion, Hindley Book now
Big idea investments 14th October, 4:30pm - 6pm Worsley Hall Community Centre, Wigan Book now
Big idea investments 1st November, 4pm - 5:30pm The Turnpike, Leigh Book now

Community network meetings

Come along to our network community meetings where you can connect with other community groups and find ways to collaborate, potentially going for the investment fund together.

When is the deadline?

The fund will close on 16th February 2020.

Levels of funding available

Tiers of investment
 Small investmentsBig idea investments
What is it for?

Fund for community groups and tenants and resident groups - see flyer

Focused on schools, activities for children and young people and their families - see flyer

How much can I apply for?

Up to £2000

Over £2,000

To find out more local information that may support your application see:

Small investments - up to £2000

A small investment is an exciting opportunity to enable community organisations to do something different to address key priorities.Your idea or project could make a real difference.

Big idea investments - over £2000

Innovative ideas and projects that will make a big difference to people’s lives.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to make a real difference to young people living in the borough. We are encouraging bids from a variety of sources including schools, Start Well Centres, community groups, sport clubs and parents as long as the applicant puts young people at the heart of their application and can demonstrate the whole life benefit for them.

The key to this funding is working collectively with projects to demonstrate a high level of collaboration and reach within the wider community.

Crowdfund Wigan Borough

Have you thought about exploring Crowdfund? Up to £1000 is available for not-for-profit organisations making a real difference in Wigan Borough.

We're offering an exciting opportunity by match funding new and creative projects that solve some of our biggest social problems and help local residents.

Youth Inspiration Fund

Do you have a good idea that would help your youth group? Need some money to help make your idea a reality? The Youth Inspiration Fund could help.

Wigan and Leigh Youth Cabinet are a group of young people who help to represent young people’s views and influence decisions that affect young people locally, regionally and nationally. They have £5,000 to spend on young people’s ideas.

Other funding

If you would like to explore what wider funding options are available, you can discuss your idea with our Community Funding Manager at Wigan Borough Community Partnership.

Business rates

If you are planning to occupy a premises in the borough and you are unsure whether Business Rates is payable for it, you can check if it is in Wigan Council's Business Rates list.

Case studies and previously funded groups

Equality and diversity

Our vision is to create a place which is comfortable within a modern, diverse and changing world, that celebrates and makes constructive use of our differences. It does this without fear, enabling those who live, work, study and volunteer in the borough to make a positive contribution, where everyone is heard, valued and respected, and that welcomes learning and change.


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