Street lighting

We know that our residents think that street lighting is a vital service which also improves security and road safety in our borough.

As part of the Deal we would like you to be our eyes and ears by reporting faults or issues you find with street lights in your community.

Most of our street lights are now efficient LED lights (read more about the LED street lighting programme).

Street lighting fault

If you find a fault with a street light, such as it is lit constantly, has a flashing lamp or the lamp is out etc. then please tell us:

It is our aim to respond to street lighting fault within 5 working days.

Street lighting enquiry

You can use this form if you have a query about street lighting such as telling us:

  • A street light should be moved to another location or needs replacing
  • Overhanging trees are blocking the light
  • The light is shining into houses
  • The street is too dark, there needs to be more lighting etc.

It is our aim to respond within 15 working days.


For any street lighting emergencies such as leaning street lamps, hanging lights or missing doors, please ring 01942 404040 (this number is for emergencies only).

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