We can carry out:

  • MOT tests for Class IV, V and VII vehicles (cars, minibuses and light commercial vehicles)
  • Inspections on Hackney and private hire taxis.

Book an appointment

  • Call us to book an appointment for an MOT on 01942 705125.


Fees for MOT
 Type of vehicle 2024/25
 Private MOTs (Class IV cars)  £54.00

What an MOT doesn’t cover

The MOT is not an alternative to properly servicing and maintaining a vehicle and is by no means a 12 month guarantee of the vehicle's roadworthiness.

It is important to realise that the MOT test does not cover areas of a vehicle's mechanical condition that are not related to safety or emissions (important features such as the clutch, gearbox and the entire engine are not tested).

Neither does it determine whether or not after market features fitted are legal for use on the public highway, so a vehicle with a recent MOT certificate could still have major mechanical defects or have features which would deem it illegal to be used on the road.

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