Supported Employment Service

Supported EmploymentThe role of the Supported Employment Service (SES) is to support people with a disability or long-term health condition to gain and sustain paid employment.

Supported Employment Advisers are trained to identify and understand an individual’s assets, skills, strengths, gifts and talents. This helps us to understand what is important to our customers, to focus on their needs and aspirations, to have positive conversations and consider the customer as a whole. By really getting to know an individual, advisers are able to identify more creative and meaningful ways to provide support into employment and enable the individual to work as independently as possible and sustain their employment.

We support people to find jobs that they can do and more importantly jobs they want to do.

What do we offer?

SES offers a comprehensive package of advice, guidance and support to both the employer and prospective employee. This includes accurately matching the right person to the right job, conducting employee specific risk assessments in the workplace, practical one to one support and, where required, specialised instruction for the employee to be trained to carry out the tasks of the job to meet the expectations of the employer.

We offer support to:

  • Improve employability
  • Apply for jobs
  • Develop interview techniques
  • Participate in work placements
  • Gain independence in the workplace (one-to-one job coaching)
  • Keep you in employment.

Services and projects

  • Disability awareness training - Our interactive sessions are essential training for anyone working in a customer-facing environment, and any organisation that wishes to ensure that their services are accessible and inclusive for all their customers
  • Access to work (external link) - Support for disabled people, including information about the 'Access to work' grants.
  • Breakthrough (external link) and Disability Rights (external link) - Advice and support for disabled people to help them work and live independently.

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