Heather's story

Heather's story

Heather foster carer

Heather, from Leigh

Heather, from Leigh, decided to become a foster carer after her children left home a few years ago. She took some time to think about her decision before making her enquiry and is now on her way to becoming a foster carer with us.

Heather says...

When my own children moved out, the house seemed empty and far too quiet.

At times, I didn’t know what to do with myself because I’d been so used to being a busy mum. My spare time had been spent supporting them with chosen activities and taking them places. Then they no longer needed me in the same way. I knew this wasn’t a bad thing because I’d successfully equipped them with the tools to make their own way in life.

I first started to think about becoming a foster carer about three years ago. We had a visit at work from the Mockingbird team, telling us about fostering with Wigan Council and how the Mockingbird project can support foster carers and I thought it sounded amazing.

I’ve had lots of life experience so I felt I might be able to empathise with families who were having some difficulties.

But then my son moved back home for a time, and Covid happened, and I was worrying about my mum being ok during the pandemic, so it just wasn’t the right time for me.

I eventually took the step to find out more last Christmas.

I was on a night out with an old school friend who is now a social worker and I told her I was thinking about fostering and she said she thought I’d be good at it. I couldn’t wait any longer, I just knew it was something I wanted to do, and I filled in the online form over Christmas.

I’m now on my way to becoming a foster carer and I’m really looking forward to it. My son is 24 and my daughter is 27 and they’re both supportive of my decision.

In the years since my children have left home, I’ve realised that no matter where life takes them, I will always be their mum.

I have a little grandson now and the other day we were having a picnic in the garden. I thought about how much I’m looking forward to doing those really simple things with any children who might come to live with me, such as having a picnic or taking them to the park.

I want to be able to give other children the chance to make those sort of happy childhood memories too.

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering in Wigan, complete our online enquiry form or call 01942 487200.

Posted on Monday 4th September 2023

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