Report an abandoned vehicle

If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned and it's something we can investigate (see table below), you can report it to us.

What can we investigate?

Can we investigate?
What we CAN investigateWhat we CANNOT investigate
It has no keeper on the DVLA database AND is untaxed - check if the vehicle is untaxed online (external link) It's untaxed - this should be reported to the DVLA
It's stationary for a significant amount of time (over 6 weeks) AND is illegally parked or unroadworthy No current MOT - this should be reported to the Police
It’s significantly damaged, run down or unroadworthy e.g. flat tyres, missing wheels or broken windows It’s burned out - this should be reported to the Police
A number plate is missing The only issue is inconsiderate or illegal parking.
It has become the target of vandalism or anti-social behaviour.  

How do I report it?

When you report an abandoned vehicle, please try and provide the following details:

  • Registration number of vehicle
  • Make, model and colour of vehicle
  • Precise location of vehicle
  • Approximately how long the vehicle has been there for.

To report an abandoned vehicle  login or register for MyAccount and select 'Add report'.


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