Fixed Penalty Notices

A Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) is a notice served by an authorised enforcement officer to a person who has committed a criminal offence. They may be issued on the spot or through the post. They can be used for:

  • Parking offences
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Environmental crime - this includes a range of offences e.g. littering (see environmental crime

Littering offences relate to the dropping or depositing of litter so whether or not you volunteer to pick up your litter afterwards, you have still committed an offence and will receive a FPN.

If you pay the fixed penalty fine, that is the end of the matter and there will be no criminal record. 

How to pay the FPN 

You cannot pay the enforcement officer directly when you have been issued a fine and you cannot pay the fine in instalments.

What happens if I don't pay the FPN?

You cannot appeal against the FPN.

If you don’t pay and the offence is tried in Court, it may result in a criminal conviction with a bigger fine and a criminal record (which must be declared when applying for jobs, travelling etc.).

Please note that it is an offence to fail to give your name, or give a false address to an authorised officer when asked and you could be prosecuted for failing to give these details.

FPN charges

The cost of an FPN depends on the offence and these costs are listed below along with the possible conviction costs if the matter goes to court.

Fixed Penalty Notice Costs
Description of offenceAmount if paid within 14 daysAmount if paid within 28 daysMaximum penalty on conviction 
Littering £75 £150 £2500
Failing to remove dog faeces £100 £100 £1000
Failure to comply with a Public Places Protection Order (Dog control) - £100 £1000
An offence in relation to a domestic bin £60 £60 £1000
An offence in relation to a commercial bin £80 £100 £1000
Failure to comply with a street litter control notice £80 £100 £2500
Failure to comply with a litter clearing notice £80 £100 £2500
Failure to provide a waste carriers licence N/A £300 £5000
Failure to produce waste transfer notes N/A £300 £5000
Graffiti £50 £80 £5000
Fly-tipping £200 £400 Unlimited and/or 5 years imprisonment
Fly posting £50 £80 £2500
Abandoned vehicles £120 £200 £2500

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