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Volunteers on professional training

We offer a range of training courses for our residents.

Courses are varied and cover everything from work related subjects such as health and safety and food hygiene to growing food healthily and being ready for funding.

If you would like to take part in any of the training courses listed below, please complete the expression of interest form.

Training courses
Basic Volunteer Course 13 hours An introductory level course to give potential, new and existing volunteers an opportunity to learn new skills relevant to everyone.
Awareness sessions 1 hour sessions Autism
Dementia Friends
Non-accredited food awareness
BeWigan Experience (coming soon)   An innovative walk through experience that reflects on the Council's journey so far, and helps everyone to learn more about the BeWigan values, The Deal 2030, where we are going and how you can get involved.
Safeguarding - Eyes and Ears   Develop a basic understanding of safeguarding for adults. Learn what safeguarding is and the signs of abuse and who to contact. Tier Training - Advanced safeguarding for adults on putting procedures in place to further understand and reduce safeguarding.
Get fit for funding   Find out what you need to do to ensure your organisation is eligible to apply for external funding.
Autism Friends 1 hour session Autism Friends is a one hour awareness session that gives the audience a basic insight into Autism, eradicating generalisations of Autism, and encouraging positive associations of Autism. All sessions are free.

Enquire to become an Autism Friend.

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