Health Champions

Health Champions are not traditional volunteers who give a set number of hours each week or month.

Instead each Health Champion commits to trying to make a positive difference to health and wellbeing in whatever way they can. Often this is through incorporating the messages received in training to improve the health of their own family, community network and workplace.

This could range from:

  • Speaking to your family and friends about health and wellbeing
  • Signposting someone to a lifestyle service
  • Promoting health campaigns within your workplace or community.

No specific qualifications or experience are required, just an interest in wanting to improve the Health and wellbeing of your family, community or workplace.

Is training provided?

All training is provided and involves committing to a minimum of 8 hours of your time to complete the Understanding Health Improvement course. You will learn how inequalities in health may develop and what the current policies are for addressing these, effective communication to support and promote health messages and the impact of change on an individual’s health and wellbeing. 

Health Champions receive a monthly newsletter that includes a variety of health related information, as well as a section for Health Champions to share what they have been doing to promote health and wellbeing. It promotes upcoming events in the community or national awareness days, along with any further opportunities for training.



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