Environmental community groups

‘Friends of’ and ‘In Bloom’ community groups need your help to keep our borough’s parks and greenspaces maintained for everyone to enjoy.

Over 30 environmental community groups across the borough volunteer their time to improve the appearance and quality of our local environment.

To get involved and help your community, explore the map below to find a group near to you – select the relevant group and use their contact details to make an enquiry.

Find a community group

‘Friends of’ group activities

  • Fundraising and grant applications
  • Nature conservation
  • Horticulture
  • Clean ups and painting
  • Health walks
  • Events.

‘In Bloom’ group activities

  • General cleanliness e.g. litter picking, fly posting and graffiti removal, washing street name plates and traffic signage
  • Install In Bloom planters and plants
  • Plant up floral beds and landscaping areas with summer blooms (annuals)
  • Plant salad, vegetable and herbs 
  • Early weed control treatments
  • Remove moss growth from street furniture.

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