Trencherfield Mill Steam Engine

The engine at the Trencherfield MillThose who have seen Trencherfield Mill Steam Engine coming to life cannot fail to be impressed by its sheer size, grace and beauty. In its heyday it was at the cutting edge of engine technology and was kept spotlessly clean.

During the whole of its working life the engine sparkled and shone, thanks to the tireless efforts of those involved. It is now over 100 years old and though in excellent condition needs continual inspection, cleaning and care.

This is where you can help. Volunteers can provide a valuable and important source of help with many different aspects at Trencherfield Mill. There are many ways you can get involved whether or not you have any prior knowledge or expertise, including:

  • Cleaning, care and general upkeep of the engine
  • Helping interpret the engine’s history
  • Visitor reception and customer care
  • Assisting at special events and activities.

Training and support will be provided.



How to volunteer

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  • Preferred method of contact

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