The Deal for Your Street

The Deal for Your Street describes how we empower communities to take responsibility for their own environment. Through the Deal for Your Street, we will work together with residents and communities to inspire pride, and deliver a safe, clean, and green borough.

What are the principles behind the Deal for Your Street?

The principles behind the Deal for Your Street focus on what we can do as staff, and also what residents can do, to create and maintain a safe, clean and green borough. To do this we will:

  • Ensure we deliver effective, highly productive and value for money services
  • Ensure that all employees take a positive approach and demonstrate the BeWigan behaviours
  • Enable confident communities to develop so that everyone does their bit to make their community safer, cleaner, and greener
  • Ensure we get the best out of existing and new technologies to build self-reliance and deliver value for money services
  • Target services or enforcement action effectively to ensure the right intervention at the right time.

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