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Cllr Platt with Samuel Miller, Cllr Whiteside with Adrian SpeakmanThe Voice and Engagement Team aim to embed a culture of engagement and participation within the borough to ensure that children and young people have a voice and can make an impact on decisions that affect them and the services they receive.  Our work encompasses ‘The Deal for Children and Young People’ which is a programme dedicated to ensuring that our children and young people’s lives are significantly improved. The plan will result in better outcomes, an improved quality of life for children, young people and their families and ensure that we build resilience in our communities.

The modules on offer reflect the principles of ‘The Deal’, encouraging staff to have a different conversation with children and young people.

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We support young people to campaign on issues important to them and enable them to represent young people’s views at a local, regional and national level.

The work we do encourages growth, healthy life styles and building confidence and self-esteem to make sure that all young people can get involved and have their say.

We encourage young people to take a positive and active part in their local communities.

The Voice and Engagement team run a variety of weekly young people’s groups and also support young people to get involved in local and national pieces of consultation.

Young people who get involved in our groups will have access to many opportunities including meetings with local councillors, MP’s and senior managers from Wigan Council and our partner organisations. They also get the chance to stand for election as UK Youth Parliament representatives for the borough and the opportunity to shadow local MP’s and councillors, as well as the opportunity to attend the national sitting at the Houses of Parliament.

We are proud of the diversity of the groups we have on offer, which include a group for young LGBTQ+, a group for young people from different ethnic backgrounds and several groups for children and young people in care.

We promote equal opportunities for all and pride ourselves on keeping the young people safe.


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