Hidden Voices

Hidden Voices posterWigan Council Housing Services have strategic responsibility for housing & homelessness in the borough. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to prevent homelessness, increase the affordable housing supply and ensure that residents in this borough have access to good quality accommodation. Early intervention is key to homelessness prevention and the team are keen to get the message out to young people as early as possible about the realities of homelessness and how easily people find themselves without a home.

The Hidden Voices resource was developed as a result of engagement & consultation with residents in this borough that had been or still are homeless themselves. The main aim of the homeless clients that took part was to try and prevent others choosing the path that they had. One client said "I wish I had been told when I was at school what homelessness would be like. I would have done things differently". This pack aims to deliver this aim and to get young people really thinking about all aspects of homelessness and how it happens.

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