Behavioural Change

A Road Safety Group stall promoting road safetyThe Road Safety team has evolved into the Behavioural Change team as the remit has expanded to continue to deliver Road Safety Education, Training and Publicity; as well as promoting and encouraging the use of sustainable transport across the Borough.

Modules available

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Road safety education in schools and colleges
  • Pedestrian training
  • The Liberty programme, which provides independent travel training for those with special needs across the borough.
  • Cycle training (Y4 and Y6)
  • Sustainable travel promotion, both through schools and key events across the borough
  • Publicity campaigns such as drink drive, drug drive, older people, pedestrian safety
  • Developing school travel plans
  • Planning and delivering Crucial Crew
  • Investigation and analysis of road traffic accidents
  • Development of ward casualty audits
  • Road safety audits
  • School crossing patrol service

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