The Deal for Children and Young People

Following a borough-wide consultation that saw 1,300 young people share their views on what they valued the most, we now have a Deal for Children and Young People that truly works for them.

This deal lays out the kind of support children and young people feel they need from the council (Our part) and all the things they’re willing to do in their communities to help make Wigan borough a better place to live (Your part).

The Deal for Children and Young People
Our partYour part
Help you to be healthier Look after your own health 
Support you to learn and grow Be the best you can be 
Help to keep where you live clean and tidy  Help to keep where you live clean and tidy 
Help you to be safe  Stay safe 
Make Wigan Borough a place where everyone is accepted and valued Be kind and caring to yourself and to others
Make sure we listen to you Share your views 

How do I get involved?

As part of the Deal, we’re asking high schools and youth groups to pick just one commitment from the ‘Your Part’ list and help improve their school or local community by involving the young people they work with.

We’d love it if young people could lead on choosing which commitment to work on, helping to design and deliver on the project as much as possible.

At the end of the school year we plan to hold an awards event to celebrate some of the best ideas.

Our Community Deal workers are here to help and will be in touch with each high school/youth group to check if you're interested in getting involved, as well as offering support, advice on funding and assistance from volunteers.

Show your support by downloading our resources:

Watch our video and find out what the council and young people are doing as part of the Deal:

Keep in touch

Let us know about anything your school or youth group is doing and we’ll promote it on our social media pages. We’ll also keep you up to date on how we’re keeping ‘Our part’ of the Deal for Children and Young People.

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