Terms and conditions

Wigan Council has standard terms and conditions attached to all Our Town events funding. If you want to be considered for Our Town events funding, you must be willing to abide by the following terms and conditions.

1. The Funding

  • Funding is available for activity taking place between April 2020 – 31st December 2020
  • Each event will be eligible for one funding award.
  • The amount of funding provided will be determined by the panel
  • The event must take place in any of the high street towns in the Wigan Borough.

2. Reporting

Within three months of your event:

  • You must complete and submit a post event evaluation form
  • You must submit a valid record of the income and expenditure for the event

3. Declaration of interests

  • You will notify the council of any conflict of interest that may reasonably be deemed to affect the impartiality of any member of staff, volunteer.

4. Financial planning, procedures and reporting

  • You will need to submit to the council robust financial information that clearly outlines the full expenditure and income profile of the event
  • You must record all expenditure by using invoices, receipts and vouchers and ensure that you are in a position to make there records available to Wigan Council if requested.

The application process will open on Monday 3rd February 2020 and will close on Monday 30th March. Applications will be considered by a panel of councillors after the closing date. The panel will decide on the level of funding for each successful application.

Applications will be judged against the events fund criteria.

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