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During the Big Listening Project, residents told us they’d like to see more events take place in their towns.

The Our Town events fund will support this ambition by facilitating events designed to promote and celebrate the diversity of our towns, get residents involved and capture other benefits like community cohesion, volunteering and improving people’s perceptions of a place and their sense of pride.

Who's it for?

The fund is open to established groups, voluntary groups and other community groups, as well as groups of residents working together for the first time. You must:

  • Have a group bank account in order to receive any approved funding or have permission from another group to receive the funding for you as a referee. Payment cannot be made to personal bank accounts
  • Run the event in this calendar year (2020) and the ‘Our Town’ brand must be incorporated
  • Hold the event in Wigan Borough

The deadline for applications is Monday, 30th March 2020.

Types of events

Applications should fall into one of the following categories:

  • Civic pride - The event should help build community cohesion, civic pride and empowerment by bringing people together to share common interests.
  • Promote social inclusion - Identifying barriers to access, developing events that are relevant to the community and its interests and ensuring that the event will be neither threatening nor offensive.
  • Local economy - The event involves and supports local businesses and attracts footfall to the town centre, helping to support the local economy.
  • Active town - The event will inspire and motivate local residents to be healthy and physically active in their local community. 
  • Community celebration - Celebrating a community’s distinctive cultural identity or engaging with what others see as their ‘identity’ and utilising innovation, quality and creativity to raise the profile of the city and improve satisfaction and pride among residents.
  • Ensuring artistic, creative and innovative elements are included in the development of a quality event programme.
  • Demonstrating strength and depth in community engagement and participation.
  • Promoting a positive profile in the media and amongst local and regional residents.
  • Enhancing the cultural experience of people who live, work or visit the town.

How is a decision made?

Applications are reviewed by a panel consisting of local councillors who will decide where and how much funds should be allocated.

This funding helps community based, not-for-profit events and festivals to grow while encouraging organisers to work towards self-sustainability of the event.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate the social and economic returns that the use of public funds can realise and that these returns make a positive contribution to Wigan’s social and economic wellbeing.

Am I eligible?

Our Town events funding is available primarily to support small scale celebratory events involving residents of the local town.

As a general rule, funding will not be provided to support:

  • Religious or faith-based content
  • Political or single issue-based content
  • Conferences, conventions, exhibitions or seminar programmes
  • Commercial or for-profit events
  • Private events.

Read our terms and conditions for further details.

How do I apply?

To apply for the Our Town events funding, you will need to:


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