Our Town Awards

The Our Town Awards launched in 2021, shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic to recognise the extraordinary lengths our residents and communities went to look out for others.

There are ten categories for 2024:

Young person of the year

Do you know an inspirational young person? We’re lucky to have so many amazing children and young people in our borough who are helping to make the world a better place, whether it’s by volunteering or even just by going the extra mile for family or friends who need a helping hand. If you know someone under eighteen who deserves recognition, nominate them to be our young person of the year.

Environment Champion

If you know an individual who is helping to create a cleaner, greener borough for us all to enjoy – we’d love to hear about them. Whether they are passionate about the environment, a litter picking legend or keeping our borough blossoming through the In Bloom awards, nominate them today.

Community Initiative of the Year

Our borough is brimming with thriving community groups, from charities and CICs to arts and culture programmes which tackle social issues head on. We’re especially interested to hear about creative initiatives, and learning more about how many people it engaged and what its impact was. Give a group that’s improving lives in our local area the recognition they deserve by nominating them to receive our community initiative of the year award.

Neighbour of the Year

Do you have a neighbour with kindness coursing through their veins? We want to recognise the people who make our borough brilliant, the neighbours that care; the people who bring your bins up after they’ve been collected, drop you off at medical appointments or help you maintain your garden when life gets a bit much! Whatever they’re doing, tell us and get them the recognition they deserve.

Unsung Hero

We have so many wonderful community groups and networks that we’re proud of. But often, there are people working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring people together and make connections within the community. This category recognises the unsung heroes who create positive change all around them. They might not be a formal volunteer, but do you know someone who always champions their community, supporting those around them and helping people to achieve their best? Nominate them today and they might become the next recipient of our unsung hero award.

Volunteer of the Year

Do you know a volunteer who dedicates hours of their time to charities? They might advocate for those who need it, raise funds for charities or work to encourage inclusion within the borough. Or perhaps they spend their time running community safety projects or volunteering at their local food pantry. If you know a star volunteer, this is the category for you.

Community Wealth Building: Business of the Year

Businesses are the lifeblood of our local economy, but some of the best businesses are the ones that give back. Do you know a business that supports others in our business community, or are making waves with reducing their carbon footprints and creating extra job opportunities and apprenticeships for local people? If you know a business with heart which supports social value projects and makes things better for local people in their communities, placing our borough firmly on the map, nominate them today.

School of the Year

Has your local school made a big difference? Has it led a project that has benefitted the local community, or taken part in a national competition? Whether your school community has worked together in an emergency or is simply helping children to thrive through fantastic results and a strong family ethos, nominate it for school of the year.

Unpaid Carers Award

Do you know an unpaid carer or someone with caring responsibilities from Wigan Borough who makes a huge difference to the lives of a family member, friend or neighbour? Do they go above and beyond to support them to complete their daily tasks and bring a smile every day? If you know someone who deserves to be recognised, nominate them to win the helping hand carers award.

The Leader’s Award- Outstanding Achievement Marking 50 Years of Wigan Borough

This year marks 50 years since the formation of Wigan Borough so we’ve created a special award to recognise and individual or organisation who has made an outstanding contribution to our community in the past 50 years. This might be through and on going long term commitment to improving their local area or a once in a lifetime achievement that sets them apart to deserve a thank you from us all.

How to nominate

Entries are by written submission and are now open, closing on 30th June 2024. A panel of judges will shortlist the entries and present the award during a ceremony which will be held in October at the Edge Arena.

Residents are allowed to nominate anyone who lives in the borough who meets the criteria, but elected members cannot be nominated.

Submit your Our Town Award nomination

If you’d like to learn more about this special year of celebration, please visit our 50th Anniversary pages.

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