What was it about?

Cohesion event - Big Listening Festival

The Big Listening Festival began in June 2021 and ran for 6 months.

The aim of the festival has been to give everyone in the borough the chance to help shape the latest version of the Deal 2030, a strategy which outlines the council’s priorities for the next 8 years, and which is being refreshed following the pandemic.

The festival offered a variety of ways for people to get involved, such as digital forums, surveys, partner meetings and a large physical event. We also visited schools across the borough, speaking to over 150 young people.

Conversations were held on several big topics, including:

  • Community safety
  • Community involvement
  • Climate
  • Transport
  • District Town Centres
  • Culture, Heritage and Sport
  • Equality.

Next steps

As you might expect with open conversations involving over 2,000 people, the views shared so far have been passionate and diverse.

We've worked hard to review and analyse what you said, and have agreed the next steps for each big topic.

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