Here for you is here to help

Are you feeling the pressure of rising costs and finding it hard to know where to turn? You aren't alone and there are lots of organisations around to point you in the right direction.

We know times are hard and it can be tough to ask for help, but it's okay to do so and better to seek support before things get more difficult to manage.

How can we help?

These web pages are here for you - to signpost you to services, organisations and resources that might be able to help with things like working out your eligibility to benefits, borrowing wisely, keeping warm and keeping well.

This autumn, we’ve launched our warm, welcoming spaces in our libraries, galleries, museums and more. These are safe places you can visit to stay toasty warm and see a friendly face.

We know that this isn’t a situation anyone wants to be put into, but we promise that if you do visit, you’ll be met with warmth, kindness and a friendly Wigan Borough welcome.

Look out for others

We’re proud that our borough is known for its strong community spirit, and we’re encouraging all of our residents to dig deep and look out for each other over the next few months. It’s not just about being kind to those around you, but about being kind to yourself too.

Check on a neighbour, take yourself for a walk around our borough’s beautiful green spaces and cook a warm meal for a friend you know is struggling. Whatever you do, it is the small things that can make a big difference.

Don’t go through this alone. We’re here for you.

Can't find the help you need?

There’s lots of resources in this section, including different ideas and tips to follow and places you can approach for support. If you can’t find the help you’re looking for, or you just need to talk to someone, then why not visit us in person.

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