Warm, welcoming spaces

This autumn we’ve launched our warm, welcoming spaces in our libraries, galleries, museums and more.

These are safe places you can visit to stay warm and see a friendly face, free of charge and without judgement.

Each of our warm, welcoming spaces are slightly different in what they offer, but we promise that if you do visit, you’ll be met with warmth, kindness and a friendly Wigan Borough welcome.

You can read the warm, welcoming spaces promise below.

Our promise to you

  • Whichever of our spaces you visit, you’ll receive a warm Wigan Borough welcome. Wigan Borough’s people are well known for our strong and kind community spirit, and our warm spaces are no different. We promise that staff and volunteers will treat you with kindness, warmth and a friendly smile
  • Our warm spaces are a place for everyone, and you’ll be met with no judgement. Whoever you are and whatever your background is - if you’ve been struggling for a long time or this is a new challenge you are facing - you are welcome. We don’t judge anyone, and you will be treated equally and with respect
  • If you need help, just ask - we can point you in the right direction. We know times are hard and it can be tough to ask for help. But if you do choose to start the conversation, our teams can point you in the right direction of the organisations, services and support that might be available to you
  • You can trust us to listen. We are here to lend an ear if you’d like us to listen, but we won’t tell anyone else unless you give us permission to, unless it's a safeguarding issue
  • We’ll play our part, but we’d like kindness to be mutual. We’ve explained how you can expect to be treated, but we would like the feeling to be mutual. Please treat everyone you meet at our warm, welcoming spaces - including visitors, staff and volunteers - how you would expect to be treated.

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