What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a way of funding a project or venture by asking a large number of people each for a small amount of money, typically via the internet.

People are increasingly bypassing more traditional funding routes such as bank loans or grants and turning instead to the people around them and in their community to support their venture. It's been around for centuries but the internet makes it possible to reach much bigger audiences than before.

Cosmos FC crowdfunding Story

Wigan Cosmos ran a successful crowdfunding project to help them raise funds to improve their facilities and create a long term community asset for all ages. As well as having support from members of the public, the club were awarded funds by Wigan Council, Power to Change and Sport England.

Is it right for your idea?

In a word, yes. crowdfund projects come in all shapes and sizes and benefit a wide variety of groups and communities. Over the last four years Wigan Council have worked in partnership with Crowdfunder UK and we are now opening up that offer to support community organisations who choose to use other crowdfunding platforms.

Empathy North West 

Empathy North West is a non-profit organisation based in Wigan that offers therapeutic intervention to individuals, couples, families, and children. Empathy Northwest CIC recently crowdfunded to support their community Saturday events to engage with the wider community in therapeutic sessions.

Why crowdfund?

  • Become self-sustainable by gaining the support of your local community
  • It raises awareness of your group and the project
  • It’s a faster way to raise funds, side-tracking the traditional, time consuming route of bid writing
  • By pitching your project online your gaining valuable marketing and media attention
  • It allows the crowd to validate your idea. Sharing the project online can often help groups get feedback and expert guidance on how to improve it
  • It’s a good way to test the public’s reaction to the project idea - if people are keen to invest
  • it is a good sign that your idea could work well in the community.

How to start crowdfunding

Before you start crowdfunding, you have to make sure you have everything lined up and ready to go and that you are choosing the right platform for your project. Spend sometime researching the different benefits that different platforms offer.

Here is a list of some of the online websites that can support you:

  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • CAF Donate (Charities Aid Foundation)
  • Crowdfunder UK
  • Enthuse
  • Everyday Hero
  • GiveWP
  • Givey
  • Global Giving
  • Go Fund Me
  • Just Giving
  • Local Giving
  • The Big Give
  • The Good Exchange
  • Total Giving
  • Virgin Money Giving

What's next

Now that you have chosen your platform, we strongly recommend you read the following 3 guides to help you plan, create and run your crowdfunding project:

Now that you've done the hard bit and put together a plan, you will need to register on your chosen site.

How can Wigan Council support you?

Once your Crowdfunding project is live, you can register for funding support from Wigan Council by completing our online form:

Crowdfund Wigan criteria

To ensure that communities benefit from the projects, we have the following criteria for groups:

  • Must benefit the people of Wigan Borough
  • Be run by a Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • Must not have received or be in receipt of monies from Wigan Council for the same things
  • Need a bank account with two signatories who are not related nor live at the same address
  • Projects must be timebound, groups must set themselves a target and aim to meet that target
  • Groups must submit a contingency plan for funding opportunities should they not meet their target
  • Schools and other education providers can apply but it will need to benefit the wider community
  • Offline Crowdfunding can be uploaded to your Crowdfunding page however must be declared and proof can be requested
  • Targets under £1,000 require 10 different supporters targets over £1,000 will require a minimum of 20 different supporters to receive match funding
  • Ensure your project has at least seven days left to run on your chosen platform.

How much can you apply for?

Wigan Council can pledge up to 25% of the project fund, up to a maximum amount of £1000. The breakdown below explains this in further detail:

  • If the target is £200, you need to raise £150, Wigan Council would match fund £50, you would require 10 supporters
  • If the target is £500, you need to raise £375, Wigan Council would match fund £125, you would require 10 supporters
  • If the target is £1,000, you need to raise £750, Wigan Council would match fund £250, you would require 10 supporters
  • If the target is £2,000, you need to raise £1,500, Wigan Council would match fund £500, you would require 20 supporters
  • If the target is £4,000, you need to raise £3,000, Wigan Council would match fund £1,000, you would require 20 supporters.

Get further support

If you would like to discuss your project or have a question please get in touch with the Deal for Communities team by emailing

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