Community safety fund

This fund is currently closed.

Deal 2030 sets out our ambition to work collaboratively with Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations to develop a thriving and sustainable sector to best serve the residents of the borough.

What is it?

The Community Safety Fund is aimed at helping communities improve an area by reducing crime and supporting community safety initiatives. We will accept applications from voluntary and community organisations in Wigan Borough,who are requiring support due to being affected by increased levels of ASB, reduction in feeling safe in your own home or local community and acquisitive crime.

The fund will support projects that aims to promote community spirit and bringing communities back together.

To qualify, projects should demonstrate how they will increase or promote community safety within the local community and have a positive long-term impact. They should also be able to offer evidence to support the need for the project and show how it helps to prevent ASB and reduce crime.

In the first round of the Community Safety Fund we are pleased to announce that we supported 95 projects totalling a funding amount of £200,000.

Who can apply?

Community organisations based in Wigan Borough, umbrella groups on behalf of a wider community project & local schools. We are unable to fund private businesses. 

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for funds up to £2000. We require community groups to match fund 20% of the funding requested for the project.

What can I apply for?

Groups can apply for what they will need to help them support a wide range of activities. Groups will need to tell us what they want to do, how the funding will be spent and what positive outcomes the activity will provide.

Applications are welcome to tackle safety across any of the following:

  • Perception - Leaflets, surveys, poster campaigns
  • ASB - Diversionary activities, education elements
  • Crime - Home & Personal Safety
  • Environmental issues - Areas known for criminal activities that may require clean up’s etc. (Improvements to land must have permission from owner or proof of land ownership)

Any applications for Road/Traffic issues needs to have wider resident consultation and be backed by Greater Manchester Police and Wigan Council.

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