Community Recovery Fund

Deal 2030 sets out our ambition to work collaboratively with Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations to develop a thriving and sustainable sector to best serve the residents of the borough.

We recognise how difficult the last few years have been for everyone in our communities, and this has brought many challenges for us all. Many of our VCSE organisations have been instrumental in delivering the crisis response to our vulnerable residents, whilst others have not been able to continue to operate as they had previously.

The first four phases of the Community Recovery Fund have now closed and we are pleased to announce that, so far we have we have supported 311 projects totalling a funding amount of £243,386.06.

New fund for 2022 - Criteria and approach

As we begin 2022 we want to continue to support our sector to thrive and grow, and we are proud to launch The Deal for Communities Recovery fund - Thriving and Resilient Communities.

The fund will aim to improve community wellbeing by reducing isolation, developing and promoting community cohesion, building on community spirit and bringing communities together.

Applications that address inequality and inclusion will be scored highly.

This will be done by offering up to £2000 of funding to grass roots organisations who are working in our neighbourhoods (within Wigan Borough).

What is it?

The next round of funding for 2022 will launch on Monday 12th September for six weeks.

The fund will accept applications from voluntary and community organisations in Wigan Borough around the following themes:

  • Creativity and originality
  • Something new, innovative and inventive
  • Collaboration- working together with other organisations, joint applications will be scored highly
  • Projects that strengthen relationships between different generations
  • Opportunities to bring people together in new ways, and in new or different places
  • We want everyone to be involved - ideas that have a wide reach, that are engaging and involve people that are not already engaged
  • Ideas that will develop something new in the community
  • Offer more opportunities for people to come together
  • Support people in the community to develop new skills and provide new volunteering opportunities 
  • Opportunities and ideas to promote inequality and inclusion
  • Projects or events that support their communities with the rising cost of living e.g. cooking on a budget.

Evidence of outcomes

We're keen to see evidence of outcomes against your application, for example:

  • Training for organisational development - Volunteer recruitment
    • Number of new volunteers
    • Number of hours of volunteering
    • Percentage of training places taken up by other VCSE organisations.
  • Ideas to help promote activities and increase awareness, engagement and participation
    • Number of people participating in activities
    • Level of engagement within the community
    • Number of new activities as a result of community feedback
    • Number of activities or events that build on community spirit and bring communities from different backgrounds together
    • Number of activities to improve social connection to reduce isolation.

What we won’t fund

  • Trips and excursions
  • Uniforms
  • Religious or political activities
  • Mobile phones and contracts
  • Salaries
  • Utility bills including insurance
  • Applications where planning permission hasn’t already been agreed (where applicable)
  • Projects that have already been funded or already been delivered
  • Expenses
  • Project planning and consultant fees.

Who can apply?

  • Community organisations based in Wigan Borough, particularly small community based local groups, that encourage community spirit, engage volunteers and who need some financial support.
  • Joint applications will be scored highly - 2 or more groups / organisations coming together
  • Organisations who have a community bank account with 2 signatories (not at the same address). The account must be in the name of the community group
  • Organisations with a constitution.

How much can I apply for?

You can apply for funds up to £2000.

Need help?

If you would like more support, or have an idea that needs some development, please contact the Deal for Communities Team

Funding Friday drop-in sessions:

Funding Fridays sessions are held every other Friday. They are available for groups to call in and speak to us about funding options from the Community Recovery Fund, Community Safety Funds, Crowdfunding and external funding such as Big Lottery, Children in Need etc.

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Celebrating success

Thank you to everyone who has been part of our Deal for Communities Investment Fund journey since 2013. We are extremely proud of the successes this has brought.

Equality and diversity

Our vision is to create a place which is comfortable within a modern, diverse and changing world, that celebrates and makes constructive use of our differences. It does this without fear, enabling those who live, work, study and volunteer in the borough to make a positive contribution, where everyone is heard, valued and respected, and that welcomes learning and change.

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