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Communities Investment Fund

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In 2018, funding with a specific focus on cultural education will be available. This is part of Wigan Council's ongoing partnership with Curious Minds (external link), who we are working with to develop a local response to the Arts Councils' Education Challenge (external link)

Together we will invest in and support a broad range of organisations to create more opportunities for children and young people to take part in high quality arts and culture in Wigan.

Further details will be available soon.

What is it?

The Deal for Communities Investment Fund is an exciting opportunity for people to make a real difference in Wigan Borough.

The funding forms part of The Deal, an informal contract between the council and residents and includes a commitment from both sides to work together to make Wigan Borough a better place.

As part of The Deal, residents are being encouraged to get involved in their community. The Deal for Communities Investment Fund will allow communities to help solve some of the borough’s biggest social problems.

Since launching the fund in 2013 we have supported community groups and projects who are working towards improving outcomes for local residents with £9m invested by the end of 2017. This demonstrates how committed we are to supporting local communities.

The Deal for Communities Investment Fund booklet highlights the brilliant projects we’ve funded so far. 

You know your local area better than we do which is why we have created the opportunity for the community to take control and make a difference. Thank you to everyone who continues to work with us to improve our borough. 

Levels of investment

 Small Investment
What is it for?

A small investment to do something new to address key priorities and outcomes.

How much can I apply for?

Up to £2000

How long is the investment for?

1 year

Case studies and previously funded groups


See our branding guidelines for advice on how to use The Deal brand. You can also download The Deal logos to show your commitment to working together for a better borough.

Equality and diversity

Our vision is to create a place which is comfortable within a modern, diverse and changing world, that celebrates and makes constructive use of our differences. It does this without fear, enabling those who live, work, study and volunteer in the borough to make a positive contribution, where everyone is heard, valued and respected, and that welcomes learning and change.


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