Celebrate Local, Shop Local, Love Local

At a time when people across the country are tightening their purse strings and struggling with the cost of living, it’s never been more important to shop locally and support independent businesses.

Love Local is encouraging residents of Wigan Borough to shop and spend within independent businesses - the kind of businesses which are the lifeblood of our community. These are the shops often competing with high-street brands and household name retailers, and which need our support the most.

Why shop local?

The Love Local campaign enables our community to re-invest back into the community and preserve it for future generations. By spending our money locally, we can:

  • Help to boost the economy in Wigan
  • Help businesses to flourish
  • Support entrepreneurs to establish new ventures
  • Create new jobs to benefit the community
  • Positively impact the local environment - local businesses often source their products locally too, which helps to reduce their carbon footprint.

By making a concerted effort to support our local businesses, we can help them to not only survive but thrive. Love Local is about building a vibrant independent retail and leisure presence within our beautiful borough.

What does Love Local mean to businesses in Wigan Borough?

Andrew, the owner of Twentyman’s, a family-run pizzeria and artisan bakery in Leigh, says: “We live locally, our great-great-grandfather ran a hotel around the corner nearly 150 years ago, and historically, we’ve always been in the area.

“We want to build on our great customer base, and hopefully get more businesses to invest in this area, making it a destination for great food.”

Nic, the owner of Time Coffee Shop, a local favourite in Standish, says: “We opened up just before the first lockdown and we really wanted to create a space where people can spend time in a relaxed environment.

“We’ve had a lot of support from the local community, who’ve all pulled together and tried to shop local and support local, and that’s something that’s made a massive difference to us as an independent business.”

Ian, the owner of The Replenishery, Wigan Borough’s first zero-waste shop, says: “Being local is so important to us. I’m from Leigh and it’s been great to bring a new concept into the heart of Leigh; something that’s not been here before.

“It’s all about bringing the community together and spreading the word about what we offer. Being a local business is just fantastic.”

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