Looking after your wellbeing

Improving the health and wellbeing of residents of all ages is a key priority for us.

It’s really important that people have access to the best information and guidance in order to make positive and healthy life choices.

The council’s public health team is responsible for the delivery of a wide range of services including weight management, stopping smoking, NHS health checks and alcohol and drug misuse. If you need further support with these or other health matters, visit our public health page.

In light of the current climate, it’s also really important that residents know how to protect themselves and others against Covid 19 - see further information and advice on the coronavirus.

If you have a severe underlying issue you will need to stay at home in isolation for the next 12 weeks regardless of whether you have symptoms - see a full list of those considered extremely vulnerable (external link).

Five ways to wellbeing

With more people beginning to work from home and staying indoors, it can be really easy to feel closed off from the outside world. So, we’re asking everybody to become familiar with the five ways to wellbeing, which can help pass the time, boost your mental wellbeing and keep people connected.

  1. Connect - with other people over the phone using FaceTime or other video chat apps. Find out how you can connect with friends and family online
  2. Be active - you don’t have to go to the gym! Take time to work out at home or even set aside an hour to clean the house
  3. Take notice - use the time to think about something you want to achieve, whether it’s meditation or writing a book. Or, where possible, take notice of the outdoors and enjoy quiet walks in your local area
  4. Learn - use the time to learn a new skill, such as another language or a musical instrument
  5. Give - give your time or skills to support a neighbour or family member. Volunteer to help others who may be advised to stay indoors or self-isolate.

Stay safe

  • Stay well - head into the garden for some fresh air. Drink plenty of water and eat well
  • Pick up the phone - don’t be afraid to ask family members and friends for help if you’re struggling or use it as an opportunity to have a chinwag
  • Speak up - ask for support from neighbours and people you know in your local community. Could they nip to the shops for you to pick up a few bits?
  • Seek help - if you're vulnerable, need help and have no one to turn to, complete our self-isolation welfare support form online.

Be mindful

Mindfulness techniques can help us regulate emotions and reduce stress and anxiety. Take a look at the following videos to help you be more mindful:

Protect yourself online

During this period it’s also important to be extra vigilant to possible cyber threats and scams.

There may be an increase in potential attacks and scams, for example emails imitating NHS, DWP and other organisations asking people to provide personal details.

Please think twice, at home and at work, and never click on an email or link that you're unsure of or is from an unknown source.

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