Wigan Borough resident population profile

Population Estimates 2001 to 2014

The figure below shows the population of Wigan Borough from 2001 to 2014. These population estimates are produced by the Office of National Statistics and are based on the census that takes place every ten years, registrations of births and deaths, and migration statistics.

Since 2001, the population of Wigan Borough has increased by 6.5%. However, most of this increase has taken place in the 65+ age group that has increased by about a third. The under 65 population has remained fairly stable with an increase of only 2%. Therefore, it is likely that the main reason for the population increase is the increasing life expectancy within the Borough. Net migration and changes in the birth rate have only had a minor effect.

Population Projections 2015 to 2037 (2012-based)

The figure below shows population projections for Wigan Borough from 2015 to 2037. These are also produced by the Office of National Statistics. By their very nature population projections of likely to be inaccurate and this inaccuracy increases further into the future. However, the projections suggest that the size of the under 65 population will continue to remain fairly stable in Wigan Borough, only increasing by 2.5% by 2025. The 65+ population is projected to increase by a fifth by 2025. Much of this increase is due to the increase in the 85+ population that is projected to increase by almost 60%.

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