Sexual health services

Wigan Council has an ambitious programme of growth and reform and clear aspirations to make Wigan a place that people want to live, work, invest and visit, where we improve life opportunities and independence for all people to start, live and age well. To do this we have set out a strategy for public service reform and improved health and wellness that is built on an asset based approach to working with communities called the Deal for the Future.

The proposal

Councils have a responsibility to make sure that there are open access sexual health services for everyone in their area, this includes things like; contraception, sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment and supporting people to let their sexual partners know of any infections.

We recognise that there are some challenges for us in the current system. Sexual ill health affects some of our communities more than others, with rates of newly diagnosed sexually transmitted infections being higher in the most deprived communities. Young people in the Borough are not necessarily making the best choices in relation to sexual health, this is evidenced by rates of sexually transmitted infections in young people and how they access contraception. We think there are a number of opportunities to be working differently with places like GP practices, community pharmacies and schools to improve sexual health in the borough.  In addition, the Council needs to make £60million of savings by 2018 and the grant we receive to fund public health services has been reduced.  While this is challenging we believe there is a big opportunity to make Sexual Health Services better and more efficient for Wigan Borough’s residents.

Consultation - Phase 2 (closed)

From December 2016 to January 2017 we consulted with over 300 people including members of the public, service providers and key partners on the current sexual health services and the opportunities for a new service. This included consultation on service areas such as location, delivery in the community, opening times and use of technology. View the results from phase one.

For the second phase, we consulted on a proposed model for sexual health services.

If you would like to talk to someone about the proposal please contact Charlotte Bracher; or by phone 01942 487957.

The second phase of the consultation closed on Wednesday 19th April 2017. 

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