Opening up the River Douglas (Our Douglas)

What is the “Our Douglas” Project?

The “Our Douglas” project is being delivered by the Ribble Rivers Trust in partnership with Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire, and Merseyside. This project aims to improve the environmental status of the River Douglas to provide a more ecologically rich watercourse through the creation of new wildlife habitats and infrastructure.

What is being proposed?

The aims of this project will be reached through the reconnection of river habitats which will facilitate fish passage between Gathurst and Horwich. Such a substantial improvement to one of the most important watercourses in Lancashire will raise awareness of the river’s biodiversity bringing benefits to both the people and wildlife that make their home in the vicinity of this beautiful and unique feature. Fish passes at 8 different sites along the course of the river will be created through the removal of previously constructed weirs.

Why is this project important?

The River Douglas is classed as “Highly Modified” and fails to meet “Good Ecological Status” due to the many weirs constructed within the watercourse since the industrial revolution. A large proportion of these weirs no longer serve the purpose for which they are constructed and can cause a detriment to many wildlife habitats within the present within the river. For fish species these barriers blocking or reducing access along the course of the river will need to be removed. The removal of these weirs will also have other benefits including the reduction of pollution and flood risk in some areas.

What is the purpose of the consultation?

The aim of this survey is to understand public perceptions of the River Douglas. It is part of the monitoring of the Opening Up the River Douglas (OUR Douglas) project being carried out by the River Douglas Catchment Partnership. Public perception of the River Douglas will be recorded throughout the projects lifespan to reveal any changes. Using your input, the Ribble Rivers Trust will be able to understand what people want to see from the future of the River Douglas.

Have your say!

This is an open consultation for the “Our Douglas” Project, comment on the proposed actions (external link).

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