Lamberhead Green Library

Our library service supports The Deal for the Future, providing our residents with access to tools that grow knowledge and skills, build confidence, and raise both the aspirations of individuals and our communities. Libraries support our Corporate Strategies of:

 Our People:

  • Communities that care for each other
  • Happy, healthy people
  • Best start in life for children and young people.

Our Place:

  • Embracing Culture, Sport and Heritage.

Our Future:

  • A well-connected place
  • Confidently Digital.

The proposals

It is important to know:

  • We are NOT proposing to close Lamberhead Green Library

There are four key parts to the proposals:

  • Using buildings more effectively across the site, making the best use of space and identifying opportunities to link up with key partners
  • Working with Dean Trust school to develop a community engagement centre 
  • Relocation of the library into a brand new, purpose-built building on the same site 
  • Increasing membership, participation and volunteer engagement in the library service.


This consultation is to provide residents with an opportunity to view plans for the new library building and provide feedback on what services they would like to see available.

The consultation closed Sunday 2nd May 2021.


Outside Lamberhead Green Library

Lamberhead Green Library


Exterior Lamberhead Green Library

Lamberhead Green Library


Inside Lamberhead Green Library

Lamberhead Green Library


Why are we proposing to relocate the library?

Dean Trust school has identified the need to create an onsite Engagement Centre to support and engage with parents/carers in the area.  The onsite Engagement Centre will be presented and staffed in a way to re-engage families and support parent/carer needs, alongside the child.  The school will be working with other professional bodies in the area, to create a seamless approach.  The end goal is for the Pemberton community to have more opportunities and to place greater value on the importance of education as well as developing our young people to become well rounded citizens.

The space currently used for the library has been identified as an ideal location for the Engagement Centre and the school are providing a replacement, purpose built facility for the library to be to be sited at the front of the school, close to the existing library entrance. 

Current library services and usage

The table below details the usage of Lamberhead Library during financial year 2019/20 up until the library was temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic on 12/03/20.  The library currently has moderate usage by customers but is well used for a range of events and activities for adults and children.  The number of books issued ranks the library as 7th most used of the 13 community libraries in Wigan Borough, with reasonable use of the Public Access Network computers in comparison with other sites.

Current Library Usages
 Service Usage 2019/20
 Book Loans 13,191
 Public Access Network (PAN) sessions 2,465
 PAN usage hours 1,457
 Event attendees (adults) 5,961 
 Event attendees (children)  4,968 

The events and activities delivered by volunteers and partners in the library include, but are not limited to, the following:

Adult Learning, Rhyme Time, Toys & Toast, Giggles & Wiggles, Curious Critters, Computer drop in, Photography Club, Poetry sessions, Breastfeeding Group.


The relocation of the library will provide the following opportunities:

  • Access to a new, fully furbished ‘like for like’ building with: adults and children’s book stock, People’s Network computers, reception pod, toilet facilities and staff area
  • The opportunity to support the school and local community with the Engagement Centre, and for the library to work closer with the local community, families, children, and young people in the area going forward
  • Removes the need to refurbish the current library – new carpet, décor etc which requires a refresh
  • The ability to promote the library to the wider community, highlighting the available facilities including newly installed Public Access Network computers, super-fast fibre broadband coming soon, self-service machines and a new building fully DDA compliant with free parking.


If you have any questions relating to this consultation, please email

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