Inclusion of motorhomes and A575/A580 at Worsley

The ten Greater Manchester (GM) local authorities have approved the GM-wide Clean Air Zone, which will launch in May 2022. This will help to bring harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) within legal limits as soon as possible. Some categories of vehicles that do not meet emission standards will need to pay a daily charge (with some exemptions and discounts). Following a consultation in 2020, we are seeking further views on two proposed inclusions to the final Clean Air Zone scheme:

  • Including M1/ M1 SP vehicles with a body type of ‘motorcaravan’ within the charging scheme
  • Including the sections of the A575 and A580 at Worsley within the GM Clean Air Zone.

A consultation took place from Wednesday 1 September to Wednesday 13 October 2021.

Anyone can share their views on the impacts of these two proposed inclusions to the Greater Manchester Clean Air Zone scheme.

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