Key Stage 2

Please note: Due to the current situation with Covid-19, some lessons and activities are limited at the moment.

The Road Safety Team is responsible for road safety and sustainable transport education in the borough.

We can deliver lessons, activities and presentations for KS1 to KS4, (by booking in advance) in selected areas. We can also provide resources for schools if you wish to deliver some aspects of road safety yourselves. To find out if we deliver lessons in your area or to request resources, contact us.

For further details on the lessons and resources we provide, see the individual key stage pages.

All Key Stage 2

Resource: Be safe be seen

A pack of information to help you to deliver a road safety lessons about the importance of being seen and making yourself stand out when near the road. Especially good for Autumn and Winter months.

(Mainly aimed at Year 3)


  • Pack of lesson plans, worksheets and activities

Year 5 - Lesson: Crucial Crew

Y5 are offered to attend Crucial Crew every June and each school office will be sent the invite early in the year.

Crucial Crew is a multi-agency event which delivers important messages on safety and important life skills including, crime, personal health, the environment, road safety and basic first aid.

Year 6 - Lesson: Cycle Training Level 2

Y6 are offered cycle training from our providers Cycle Experience.

4 x 2 hour sessions.

On the playground and on-road practical training on cycles.

  • Session 1 - on the playground
  • Session 2, 3 and 4 - outside school and on the road

Minimum of 10 children on a 12 children course and 15 children on an 18 children course. 

Please note: Helmets and waistcoats are provided for children who do not own one already.

Year 6 - Lesson: Urban Camouflage - Moving up to High School

Year 6 are offered a 'Travelling to High School' lesson, which is delivered by a Road Safety Officer in the last term of the school year.

It covers many road safety topics, especially how important it is to make yourself visible to motorists instead of just presuming they will see you.

Year 6 - Virtual road safety lesson

Resource: Online Resources

All school year groups are able to use online resources from Think! Resources Centre (external link).


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