Ethnic Minorities Achievement Service (EMAS)

The information on this page is aimed at professionals. If you are a parent and want information on what we do please see our:

We are a team of teaching staff and family liaison officers working as a link between schools, young people and families whose first language is not English or who are of Gypsy or Traveller heritage.

We support schools and families to ensure pupils’ learning needs are met.

What we do

We provide support to schools, young people and families by:

  • Assisting parents with the admission process to find school places
  • Supporting pupils’ induction into school, ensuring communication between school and families is clear and comprehensive. When required we arrange interpreters for this purpose
  • Helping schools understand specific cultural needs of pupils who have come from other countries and cultures, including Gypsies and Travellers, giving them advice as to how this can inform their practice
  • Providing direct teaching to help pupils learn English or to fill gaps in their learning, following a personalised assessment of their learning needs
  • Working in partnership with staff in other agencies to support families; acting as a link between schools, families and partner agencies, particularly those in the wider Early Intervention and Prevention structure
  • Signposting families to other sources of assistance, including group activities which we provide
  • Providing comprehensive training courses for school staff or other professionals, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation
  • Advising staff about resources, materials and approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Supporting schools and families to ensure the optimum educational experience for children and young people from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Referring a child

We welcome referrals from all professionals.

If you have a pupil who is new to your school or a pupil you have concerns about in Year 1 to Year 11 please complete the online referral form.

For Reception and Nursey settings, please complete the Early Years online referral form.

We are always happy to have an informal chat with you about what we do, or about a specific child or family.

We can also arrange interpreting services for all professionals, subject to charge as appropriate.

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