Advertising on the highway

Our roadside signs are a fantastic way of promoting your business and reach a wider audience within the borough.

Sponsoring a roundabout, floral display or advertising on a boundary sign offers a unique opportunity to build your brand in the local community and help you raise the profile of your product or service.

Floral displays

Our floral displays are situated in high traffic locations on arterial routes. 

Signs are full-colour and high impact - advertise your company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact our Borough in Bloom team for more information on floral display sponsorship opportunities.

Boundary signs

Our boundary signs are situated in high traffic locations on arterial routes. 

Signs are full-colour and high impact - advertising your company 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact Highways for advertising or sponsorship opportunities.

The sites available are:

Boundary signs advertising
Site numberLocationSponsorCost of 1 year sponsorship
1 A5209 Crow Orchard Road, Standish   Not available
2 Back Lane, Shevington   £1,000
3 A49 Preston Road, Standish   Not available
4 A5106 Chorley Road, Worthington   £1,000
5 B5238 Scot Lane, Aspull   Not available
6 B5239 Bolton Road, Aspull   Not available
7 A58 Castle Hill Road, Hindley   Not available
8 B5235 Schofield Lane, Atherton   £2,000
9 A579 Bolton Road, Atherton   £1,500
10 A5082 Mort Lane, Tyldesley   £1,500
11 Bridgewater Road, Tyldesley   £1,500
12 A579 Mosley Common Road, Tyldesley   Not available
13 A574 Warrington Road, Leigh   £1,500
14 B5207 Wilton Lane, Lowton   £1,000
15 A579 Winwick Lane. Lowton   Not available
16 A572 Newton Road, Lowton   £1,000
17 A573 Warrington Road, Golborne   £1,000
18 A49 Warrington Road, Ashton   Not available
19 A58 Liverpool Road, Ashton   Not available
20 B5207 Downall Green Road, Ashton   £1,000
21 A571 Wigan Road, Billinge   £1,000
22 B5206 Upholland Road, Billinge   £1,000
23 A49 Warrington Road, Marus Bridge   Not available
24 A577 Orrell Road, Orrell   Not available
25 A572 Chaddock Lane, Mosley Common   £1,500
26 A573 Warrington Road, Wigan Town Centre   £2,000


Roundabouts are an excellent location to get your message across, those available for advertising and sponsorship are in the table below. 

The layout and size of the sponsorship signs available are:

Roundabout advertising
Roundabout location numberRoundabout locationNumber of signsSponsorCost of 1 year sponsorship
1 A49 Warrington Road/J25 M6 3 Eclipse £4,500
2 A580 East Lancashire Road/A573 Warrington Road - Golborne Island 4 Tomaco £5000
3 A580 East Lancashire Road/A574 Warrington Road - Greyhound 4 Amans Indian Restaurants  £6000
4 A49 Wigan Lane/B5376 Mesnes Road - Cherry Gardens 3 Eclipse £4,000
5 A577 Atherton Road/Askwith Road 4 Mossbank Nurseries to maintain island to high standard at no cost (£1,800 value per year) N/A
6 A579 Atherleigh Way/Sale Way - Leigh Sports Village 3 Unavailable £3,150
7 A579 Atherleigh Way/A577 Wigan Road 5 Available £3,500
8 Westwood Way/Little Lane  4 Available £2,500
9 A573 Warrington Road/Phoenix Way  4 O2 £2,500
10 A573 Warrington Road/Chatsworth Fold, Spring View  3 Available £2,000
11 Loire Drive/Anjou Boulevard, Robin Park  4 Eclipse  £1,500
12 Sportsman roundabout A578 Wigan Road/Twist Lane Available £3,500

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