The Deal for Business

What is The Deal for Business?

Wigan depends on businesses, like your own, to create an economy that is both successful and sustainable, promoting opportunity, growth and innovation.

The Deal for Business is a voluntary agreement between the Council and your business, which signifies a shared commitment to supporting the economic growth of the borough.

We’re asking all businesses that engage with us to sign up to The Deal for Business and embrace our ambitions for a prosperous and competitive Wigan.

On signing up, you will be awarded a Deal for Business certificate to formally acknowledge your commitment and display in your workplace.

Your part

  • Pay business rates on time
  • Create a healthy workplace
  • Think local when recruiting
  • Offer apprenticeships and traineeships
  • Go digital #digitalwigan
  • Give back to the local community
  • Recycle more, recycle right
  • Upskill employees with training and development
  • Invest in Wigan Borough.

Our part

  • Connect your business to local, regional and national opportunities
  • Cut red tape and provide value for money
  • Provide a world class business support system
  • Build well connected physical infrastructure
  • Go digital #digitalwigan
  • Training of local people to meet business needs
  • Promote initiatives to invest in your workforce
  • Raise the profile of Wigan
  • Invest in you.

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