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Having a Lasting Power of Attorney can help you to manage someone's affairs when they are unable or incapable of doing so.
An appointee will look after your finances should you become unable to manage them yourself and have no family or friends that can help.
If you are looking for options to borrow money, struggling with debt problems, or concerned about getting behind with bills and rent, there are a number of organisations in the Borough that can help.
Maps of Wigan borough.
About our indoor and outdoor markets, vacant stalls and apply for a stall.
To hold a civil ceremony or wedding at premises in England or Wales, they must be approved by the local authority to which they are situated. 
Register a marriage, find an approved venue or religious venue, and arrangements for same sex marriages.
All about the Mayor and their role, requesting their attendance and how to receive them at an event.
Book an appointment to see the Mayor.
Help and support for people unable to make a hot meal for themselves including meals on wheels service.
If you are finding it difficult to take your medication every day there are ways to help.
Access a wide range of information and documents relating to the council's decision making processes, find out about forthcoming Council meetings and decisions and obtain details for your local political representatives.
Member allowance scheme details the basic allowance allocated to each member of the authority
If you have mental health difficulties there are people who can provide advice, treatment, care and ongoing support to help you live at home.
MEP's for the North West electoral region.
MetroFresh provide school meals, cleaning services and school crossing patrols.
Find out if there has been a reason your bin has not been collected.
What to do if you want to report a missing person.
Money management and advice on benefits for children leaving care
Find out more about money and legal issues including direct payments, personal budgets, paying for care and support and more.
(Wigan and Leigh Housing)
Wigan and Leigh Housing now have money advisors who can help our tenants save and make the most of their money. We will help you to claim all the benefits you may be entitled to, budget and manage finances, apply for and obtain affordable credit.
(Wigan and Leigh Housing)
The Company is responsible for managing and maintaining all landlord services for Wigan Council's 22,000 homes including rent collection, repairs and maintenance, dealing with empty properties and all tenancy matters.
(Wigan and Leigh Housing)
If you own your own home, your mortgage lender can only take it if they have a legal reason to do so.Most lenders will only do this as a last resort and it is always worth looking at other ways to solve your mortgage payment problems.As soon as you start having problems, speak to your lender about another way of dealing with the problem.
(Wigan and Leigh Housing)
The Homeowners Mortgage Support Scheme helps people who are having problems paying their mortgage.The Mortgage Rescue scheme helps people who are having serious problems paying their mortgage. The scheme has very strict rules on who can apply and may not be for everyone who is at risk of losing their home, but it is an option to look at.


Wigan Council can carry out MOT tests for Class IV, V and VII vehicles (cars, minibuses and light commercial vehicles) and undertake inspections on Hackney and private hire taxis.
If you live in Wigan Borough and want to move your child to another school you must apply through us even if the school is in another area.


MP's representing the borough.
(Wigan and Leigh Housing)
A mutual exchange is when you arrange to swap homes with someone else. You have to be a secure Council tenant or Housing Association tenant to apply and you must have your landlords written permission before you swap.
(Wigan and Leigh Housing)
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