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Training for safeguarding children

Everyone who works with children and young people should be competent and confident in carrying out their responsibility for safeguarding them.

To help you with this we have developed a comprehensive training programme to cover all aspects of safeguarding.

In addition to providing a comprehensive inter-agency training package for those that work with children and young people we also provide training for parents and carers, children and young people, and for community groups.

All the courses on offer are based on the latest legislation, national guidance, local policies, procedures and lessons learned.

Training will help you:

  • Gain an understanding of the roles and responsibilities we all play in safeguarding children and young people
  • Help to promote more effective and integrated services
  • Improve your assessment and decision making skills
  • Gain greater confidence in tackling safeguarding issues. 

For parents and carers

We have two courses designed specifically for parents and carers:

  • Keep them safe: Protecting children from child sexual exploitation (details on page 18 of the training brochure)
  • Safeguarding adults: covering general child safeguarding (page 20 of the brochure).

For young people

We have a training course designed for young people aged 11-16 to raise awareness of child abuse and neglect and help young people stay safe (details on page 24 of the training brochure).

For community groups

We offer bespoke briefings on a range of safeguarding issues that can be tailored to suit your needs (details on page 28 of the training brochure).

Coming soon

Improved services and pages for training are currently in development. They will help you:

  • Search for courses to suit your needs
  • Book courses online
  • Access the e-training portal.

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