Interim Planning Guidance for King Street - Wigan

Interim planning guidance has been prepared for the King Street area of Wigan town centre to inform development proposals and planning decisions in the area. This provides clarity for applicants, building owners and other stakeholders and sets out the Council’s clear and exciting vision for the street.

King Street has been identified as a key focus for regeneration within the Wigan Town Centre Strategic Regeneration Framework and has formed an important part of the council’s Future High Street Fund proposals.

It has also been recently been confirmed as a High Street Heritage Action Zone, with the aim of diversifying uses on King Street in order to attract a wider range of people during both the day and evening; calming the night-time economy; and capitalising upon its heritage assets to conserve and regenerate this part of the town centre, bringing a number of vacant buildings back into use.

The interim planning guidance is consistent with this vision and will inform planning decisions ahead of the publication of a supplementary planning document for the area.

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