Planning for Health Supplementary Planning Document

The Council has prepared a Planning for Health Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) to provide guidance and supporting information to facilitate the delivery of healthier developments in the borough and to positively influence the impact that planning decisions have on health. Well designed and sustainable developments can support strong, vibrant and healthier communities and help create places that encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles. 

To help achieve this, the SPD is based around ten key topic areas, which are integral to the application of a Health Impact Assessment, for schemes subject to Environmental Impact Assessment screening, and a Planning for Health Checklist for all other major developments.     

The SPD also sets out a consistent process for calculating developer contributions to address capacity issues in the health care system that result from new development proposals; and also applies a framework for managing the provision of new hot food takeaways in the borough to help tackle obesity and other related health issues.

The SPD was adopted by the Council in March 2022, following a period of public consultation.

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