Coronavirus - Employment and skills support

The world of work has been profoundly affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With this in mind, we have put together some employment and skills support to help you during this challenging time.

Princes Trust Coronavirus support hub

The Princes Trust has created a coronavirus support hub with a live chat feature to provide advice and guidance to the public.

Apprentices or apprenticeship employers

If you're an apprentice or an apprenticeship employer and you've been affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), there is a range of support and advice available: 

If you’ve been made redundant

The National Careers Service has a dedicated support service which can help you with short-term advice and guidance, and longer-term planning. This includes:

  • Digital and telephone redundancy support, funding advice and careers advice
  • Linking you with Jobcentre Plus for their rapid response to redundancy service
  • Supporting you to manage your career digitally
  • Online training support and advice.

You can contact the National Careers Service on 0161 393 6473 (option 2) to find out more.

Help to find employment

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

DWP have a range of help available to jobseekers including essential advice about which sectors are recruiting now, transferable skills and how to secure a new role. ­

If you’ve been furloughed

If you have been placed on the government’s job retention scheme (furloughed), there are a range of services that can help you to prepare for when you're able to return to work, these include:

  • Additional and skills and training (including maths and English)
  • Volunteering opportunities in care and various other sectors
  • Wellbeing advice and support to help people preparing to return to work.

You can contact the National Careers Service on 0161 393 6473 (option 2) to find out more.

New online learning opportunities

Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many providers delivering there courses online. Take a look at what’s available:


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