Myth busting

Myth 1

Your TV doesn’t use any electric if you turn it off with the remote control.

FALSE. UK households spend £30 per year by leaving appliances in ‘stand-by’ mode.

Myth 2

If you have a gas or electric debt on your pre-payment meter you can’t switch suppliers.

FALSE. You can have up to £500 debt on a pay as you go meter and still switch suppliers.

Myth 3

It’s cheaper to get your gas and electric from the same company.

FALSE. Dual fuel isn’t always the cheapest option – shop around.

Myth 4

It's cheaper to leave your heating on low all the time.

FALSE. It is a myth that leaving the heating on low all day is the cheapest method of energy consumption/efficiency – use a timer.

Myth 5

I don’t have double glazing so there’s no way to stop the heat getting out.

FALSE. Putting cling film on windows actually works to keep heat in - thermal curtains are also an option.

Myth 6

I can’t switch supplier because I live in a rented property.

FALSE. You have the right to switch supplier if you pay your energy supplier directly for your gas or electricity. This includes if you have a prepayment meter. You should check your tenancy agreement to see if your landlord has a ‘preferred supplier’. You may want to let your landlord or letting agency know.


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