Who is responsible for repairs?

The following table sets out what repairs the council is responsible for and what we expect from you as a tenant.

Please note that this does not impact on or change your tenancy agreement.

General responsibilities
We will:You will:
Provide an efficient and effective repairs service for all our tenants Report repairs quickly
Ensure those undertaking work have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience Get online to report repairs
Aim to complete repairs within a single visit where possible. If this is not possible then we will let you know what needs to be done and when this will be Allow access to your home when we call to complete a repair
Arrange appointment times to suit you within our normal working schedule Contact us in good time if an appointment is no longer convenient
Aim to get all repairs right first time Arrange your own contents insurance
Be responsible for maintaining the structure and outside of your home, any fixtures or fittings we have provided, the safety of your property, including wiring and any communal areas. Be responsible for maintaining the internal decoration of your home, any fixtures or fittings you have provided (you may need permission from us before you make any changes) and any damage caused by you, your family or visitors to your home
Encourage feedback and learn from this  
Comply with current legal responsibilities and codes of good practice  
Complete urgent repairs within prescribed government timescales  
Treat you and your home with respect  

How-to repair videos - try it yourself

We've put together a number of 'How-to' repair videos to help you carry out some basic repairs that are not under the responsibility of the council.

You will also find video tutorials guiding you through the initial checks to do when your heating or electrics are not working. It's worth giving these a go, as there can sometimes be a simple solution to fix issues without the need for an engineer.

If you have followed the tutorials in the videos and the problem persists, please request a repair online.

Will you charge me for repairs?

If a repair is needed because you, your family or a visitor to your home have caused damage, or if you have neglected your home, we will charge you for the cost of the repair, plus VAT at the current rate and an administration fee.

We will tell you why we are charging you and may give you the chance to carry out repair work yourself.

At the end of your tenancy you may be charged for any damage to the property and the cost of removing any rubbish you leave in the house or garden.

Specific types of repairs

Our responsibility:

  • Main structure of the building, including external walls, foundations, roof and external decoration
  • External doors, locks and keys unless you have lost your keys
  • Windows and window handles - we will replace broken glazing if a crime has been committed and a crime reference number obtained
  • Drains, gutters and external pipes
  • Front fencing and gates including footpaths where these are shared or are the main walkway to your home
  • Internal structure, including ceilings, walls, floors, stairs and skirting boards but not internal decoration
  • Internal doors unless these have been replaced by you without our permission
  • Main wiring, sockets, switches and smoke alarms
  • Boiler and heating repairs unless it is a system or fire that has been fitted by you without our permission
  • Kitchen units, worktops, extractor fans and tiling unless these have been fitted by you without our permission
  • Plumbing including soil pipes, external drainage, hot and cold water supply and major blockages to sinks, wash basins, baths and showers. You are responsible for minor blockages and general cleaning to ensure water is free flowing
  • Bathroom fittings including bath, shower, wash basin, toilet and cistern and original tiling and taps unless these have been replaced by you without our permission
  • Communal areas, including door entry systems, corridor and stairway lights, and rubbish chutes.

Your responsibility:

  • The internal decoration of your home
  • Minor cracks or holes in plaster
  • Curtain pole, track or rail replacement
  • Fitting of washing machines, tumble driers or dishwashers
  • Fitting of cookers - gas cookers must be fitted by a Gas Safe Engineer
  • Upkeep of your garden, including arranging collection of any bulky items and waste, such as mattresses and large electrical items
  • Replacement of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Replacement of fuses to your own electrical appliance and resetting of trip switches
  • Replacement of lost keys
  • Doorbell
  • Internal door handles
  • Broken glazing, unless a crime has been committed - we will fix this if you give us a crime reference number
  • Door changes to accommodate carpets or new flooring, including re-fixing of any draught excluders
  • Wooden Sheds
  • Clothes poles and washing lines
  • Fencing to rear gardens - unless the garden backs on to open land, a road, waterway or footpath, when we will be responsible
  • Installing and maintaining aerials (unless it is one fitted by us for the benefit of a communal area)
  • Replacement of toilet seats (unless it is fitted by us as part of the bathroom programme and still under warranty)
  • Replacement of plugs and chains
  • Fixtures and fittings to the property that you have provided, such as internal doors, laminate flooring, tiling, and shelving. You need permission from us before you make any changes
  • Bleeding radiators
  • Appropriate heating and ventilation to reduce incidents of condensation.

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