Smoke detectors

We clean and test the detectors in your home once a year and fit a new battery usually as part of our annual central heating servicing programme.

Contact us if:

  • A smoke detector appears to be faulty - so we can promptly arrange for it to be repaired or replaced.
  • Your smoke detectors have not been tested within the last 12 months - we will arrange an appointment

Smoke detectors have been installed in all council properties in the interests of safety of tenants. The council cannot in any circumstances be held responsible if the detectors fail to activate.

Do not relocate or paint a smoke detector.

What do smoke detectors do?

Smoke detectors can:

  • Sense smoke
  • Sense invisible, odourless fumes from fire
  • Raise the alarm
  • Provide early warning of developing fires so allowing precious minutes for you to escape

Battery-powered smoke detectors cannot:

  • Work without a battery
  • Detect heat - only smoke
  • Work satisfactorily unless correctly positioned so you should NOT relocate detectors from their present position
  • Tell the difference between smoke, steam and some kinds of cooking.

False alarms

If you get a false alarm due to steam or cooking, do not remove the battery - you might forget to put it back!

If you are quite sure it is only a false alarm, close bathroom and kitchen doors. Open windows and other doors until the alarm resets itself. It is normal to get occasional false alarms.

If they happen regularly (e.g. every time you have a shower or make toast) please contact the repairs team. We will investigate, replace the alarm if it is faulty and suggest actions you can take to reduce false alarms.

Testing your detector

You must test your detector every week by pressing the test button until the alarm sounds.

If the alarm sounds, the detector is working correctly. If the alarm does not sound or bleeps regularly each minute, the battery must be replaced urgently.

Please  contact the repairs team immediately.

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