Aids and adaptations

Council owned properties

We want to provide residents with a property which meets their needs and allows them to retain their independence.

When a resident requires an aid or adaptation to help them live in their home, an occupational therapist will make an assessment of their property. We work with the occupational therapist to provide any appropriate aid or adaptation which is recommended.

The types of aids or adaptations may include fitting a:

  • Grab rail
  • Bath hoist
  • Ramp
  • Half step

In special circumstances we might provide larger adaptations such as the installation of stair lifts or wet rooms. This type of work is only undertaken following the recommendation of an occupational therapist. There is usually no charge to tenants if the adaptation has been recommended.

I'm in private accommodation - what help can I get?

If you rent your house from a private landlord or you own your own home you will need to request an adaptation from the council and may have to pay something towards the cost.

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