Rent a new build property

Wigan Council and housing associations have new build properties available to rent.

A list of upcoming developments is listed below.

You apply for these properties in the same way as renting any home from the council or housing associations - by joining the housing register.

New property details
DevelopmentRegistered providerType of homesWhen ready
Hindley Towns Yard Wigan Council 7 x 1 bedroom apartments
18 x 2 bedroom apartments
38 x 2 bedroom house
10 x 3 bedroom house
8 x 2 bed bungalows
Summer 2016
Laurels, Hindley Adactus 16 x 2 bedroom apartments
11 x 2 bedroom houses
6 x 3 bedroom houses
Spring / Summer 2017
Little Lane Wigan Council A scheme for older people
33 x 1 bed apartment
6 x 2 bed apartments
Summer 2017
Helmsman Way Poolstock Adactus 12 x 2 bed apartments
37 x 2 bed houses
14 x 3 bed houses
Late winter / Spring 18

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