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Rauridh's story

lwfg-Rauridh“I joined Lose Weight Feel Great because I felt like I was losing myself; socialising came to a halt and so looking after my baby took its toll.“

I didn't go anywhere, no pictures, no going out, nothing! I finally got my head in the game when a size 20 was getting too tight - reality struck, I was where I never thought I would be.

Looking back to February I can't see that person anymore, I am now more active, giving my daughter more time and energy and play time. I can now sit on floor without it hurting and I can be proud to take her to play group and not be "that mum".

I love the new me - 3 stone lighter and now a size 14, I'm happier than ever, not yet at target but without the help of Lose Weight Feel Great and Slimming World I would probably still be sat on the couch picking at foods all day which really isn't good.

It's not been easy but I have enjoyed it and know it's a complete life changing programme and I am so happy, proud and grateful that I was able to take part in the start of changing my life around!

Claire's story

Before and after - Claire Rooks who has lost 8 stone“ I got so into it I even started running to my Lose Weight Feel Great class by the end of the 12 weeks! ”

Claire said: "Having started Slimming World in June 2013 I lost 5 stone just by following the plan however I realised that I needed to build exercise into my routine if I wanted to get to target and get fit.

"I knew a few people who had done Lose Weight Feel Great so thought it would be a good place to start. I was right! The great thing about the class I went to with Darren was that you could work to your own pace and ability and there was no pressure.

"As my fitness increased I also started to do other classes including Bootcamp, Boxercise and eventually jogging.

"Doing the exercise along with the continued support of my Slimming World Group means I am now at target having lost 8 stone, I have ran a 10K and plan to do more and continue to exercise around 4 times a week. I have met some amazing people who are now great friends. I can honestly say I love to exercise and miss it when I can’t go and those are words that I or any of my family would have ever expected me to say!"

Nicola's story

Nicola Kiggin"The slimming plan is fantastic, you lose weight without exercising but with that exercise you see a different shape in your body"

Christmas is a time for partying and celebrating with your nearest and dearest.

But for Nicola Kiggin photos popping up from the festivities were the trigger which helped her transform her life with the help of Wigan Council’s Lose Weight, Feel Great.

And now one year on from starting her journey to a healthier life the 41-year-old has lost an impressive five stone thanks to the advice and support she received from the programme.

Nicola, from Leigh, said: “I had been overweight for a while then I saw a picture of myself on Facebook with a friend on a night out. I thought I need to get this in hand. I was recommended by someone to Lose Weight, Feel Great. I thought it was a great way to combine both exercise and diet together.

“I joined on January 8th this year [2015] and I went on the 12 week programme. I did the exercise and Slimming World classes and I still do the exercise class now one year on.

"I was nervous about getting on the scales and I hadn’t exercise for a long time. I couldn’t walk upstairs without being out of breath when I started. The team were brilliant and made you feel relaxed and let you work at your own pace.

“I am now seven pounds off from my target weight and I have become a Slimming World consultant.”

Lose Weight, Feel Great offers people who have a BMI of 25 or over a tailored course with exercise and dietary help to take those first steps to making long term lifestyle changes.

“I think the exercise is key,” added Nicola. “I run four times a week and still go to an exercise class a week.”

The 12 week programme has helped many people across Wigan Borough make the changes to their lives which will benefit their health for years to come.

“Exercise and diet are part of my life, I don’t feel it’s a chore, 12 months ago I wouldn’t have even thought of putting Lycra on and going for a run but now I do.

“My family are really supportive, my mum and dad came to the Lose Weight, Feel Great fashion show and were shouting the loudest.”

Such an advocate for the programme Nicola is now starting her own Slimming World sessions which start at Milk Street, Tyldesley on Monday 4th January at 9am, 11am, 5pm and 7pm.

She is encouraging others to make their New Year’s resolution to make 2016 the year they Lose Weight and Feel Great.

Nicola added: “I think I could have made the decision to do it a few years ago really but glad I did.”

Peter's Story

Peter Wareham“I would recommend LWFG to anyone trying to reach that seemingly distant goal, it’s closer than you think.”

Peter Wareham from Atherton, contacted Lose Weight Feel Great in January 2010 after his GP recommended that he would feel better if he lost some weight.

Peter was initially sceptical but after attending his first class, and hearing some of the success stories of other members he was encouraged to give it a go.

Peter said “I love cooking and was amazed to find out that with a little tweak here and there, I could still enjoy my favourite meals and treats like pizza, burgers and chips. In fact the challenge of adapting my ordinary meals to make them into healthier options means I enjoy it all the more.”

Peter a Wigan bus driver also ensures he leads an active lifestyle attending weekly activity sessions.

“Despite my weight I always considered myself reasonably fit...ha!! I now attend 2 weekly activity sessions and look forward to catching up with the friends I have made through the classes each week. We all bounce ideas off each other and often arrange to meet outside of class to do more activity.”

Lyndsey's story

Lyndsey Gunn“I have tried and failed many diets before but Lose Weight Feel Great is different. I wish I had joined a long time ago.”

Lyndsey Gunn, a pre registration pharmacist from Wigan decided to join Lose Weight Feel Great after a colleague said it might make her feel better about herself.

When Lyndsey phoned the LWFG number she was surprised at how friendly and helpful the advisor was and how quickly everything was arranged. She attended her first session and was again amazed at how supportive everyone was.

Lyndsey had not exercised in months and wondered if she would be able to keep up in the activity class. But it was nothing like she imagined. Lyndsey said “I fitted in with the group straight away; it doesn’t feel like going to the gym, it feels like a laugh with your friends. The community activity team are brilliant and make sure everyone works to their own pace and we all give each other loads of encouragement!”

In the first twelve weeks Lyndsey lost one and a half stone, and she is continuing to lose weight and feel great.

Lyndsey says “I no longer feel tired at the end of a busy day but ready to get home and get a healthy tea on.”

I would like to thank Lose Weight Feel Great for their help and support. My confidence has risen again and I feel fantastic.


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