ATOM fostering

ATOM is a specialist team that work with young people in care aged 12 and over. By providing a foster placement to a young person in one of our hubs, you will become a vital part of the work we do.

We aim to help young people become resilient, confident adults by:

  • Enabling them to stay safe
  • Helping them find a place to belong
  • Supporting them to build strong relationships in their local community and with professionals.

How does it work?

Each young person will have a network of people around them to provide support when needed and as part of their overall plan. This includes a:

  • Social worker
  • Key worker
  • Police community support officer
  • Therapist / life coach
  • Foster carer.

Our team is divided across three hubs and each hub is managed by a team manager and two deputy managers.

How can I foster for ATOM?

To foster for ATOM you will need to:

  • Have experience of working with children or young people
  • Be able to work flexibly as one of the team initially, with the intention of providing a foster placement.

As an ATOM foster carer you will receive an hourly rate which will revert to payment as a foster carer once a placement commences.

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